Lose weight with Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for weight loss

Can hypnotherapy help with weight loss?

Many things influence how much a person weighs, height, exercise, food preferences, health conditions, medications and arguably genetics. But one thing is for sure, if you eat less high calorie processed foods and more natural foods, you'll feel healthier and lose weight. Not all calories are the same, so a calorie controled diet, doesnt always work well and can also be difficult to stick to.

The main thing to start with is being completely honest about what you eat and drink, both with yourself and with me AND be open and willing to make some changes. 

How to lose weight with hypnotherapy

The second, is to throw any diets out of the window. When you diet to lose weight, you do this cognitively, and many people feel like their choices are being restricted or they're missing out. Its not always easy to stick to and this results in the 'faling off the wagon'. I've lost count of the people who have told me that they practically starve themsleves before 'weigh in day', then head straight for the chip shop/takeaway afterwards. A complete rollercoaster for your body and hormones. 

Diet, your subconscious mind makes the choices - healthy or unhealthy?

So if you are not going to diet, how can hypnotherapy help with weight loss?

Our desires and automated programmes/habits, come from the subconscious mind, not our conscious mind. Hypnotherapy enables communication and change in the subconscious mind. Granted it does have more to it than that as things like sugar can be and often are addictive, but there are things that we can do to enable you to reduce your sugar intake easily, if you participate fully in the programme.  

As you progress through the programme, things begin to change what foods and how much your desire. Its should feel natural and easy. A common feedback is that when cake/biscuits are out (maybe at work in the office for example), I just don't think about eating any, then notice how strange that was later in the day. Or that one or two is enough, where the whole packet would have been eaten previously. As you get further into the programe, and your eating habits change, your gut microbiome will be changing too, which will also have positive effects on your desires and overall health. 

What to expect in a hypnotherapy sessions for weight loss

After an initial consultation to discover if the work that I do is suitable for you and if you feel that its right for you, you may then book your sessions if you wish (there is never any pressure to book an appointment, it has to feel right for you).

In the first session, I'll be asking you about your habits and past history around food and drink, so I get a full understanding of yo, the good and the not so good habits and get to know you a little better so I can design the programme around you individually. 

We many have time for a short hypnotherapy session after we have done this, or it may take up the whole session time.

The following sessions cover things like, routines, habits, unpicking old beliefs, breaking down underlying causes of overeating, developing self love, confidence and healthy desires.

There is homework between every session, little things that you can do to help everything stick in place in your subconscious mind and create new mental habits. Each piece of homework is research based or I know it helps from my experience of working with people using hypnotherapy since 2005.

At the end of the 5 sessions, you'll be invited to join our regular group if you wish, all people who have come throuh the programme and can join in either in person or online, a talk from me on a different topc each time relating to weight loss and health and a discussion/suppport afterwards. 

Imagine where you would be today

If you wish to find out more to see if hypnotherapy could help you, book a free of charge consultation (£5 deposit, returned after consultation).