Hypnotherapy for Driving Test
50 Shades of Bay (Parking)

Hypnotherapy for driving test

The Driving with confidence packages:

Hypnotherapy for driving test & confidence during driving lessons: We offer a package to suit your needs, tailored around just you, which will include both pre test driving lessons and Hypnotherapy session(s).

50 Shades of Bay Parking: Build your practical parking skills in the car and your confident 'I can do it' mindset in the hypnotherapy session.

We both offer a free chat first, Andy by phone and Sally offers a free face to face consultation, so you can find out more before you decide if hypnotherapy is what you'd like to use to give you the edge when driving, with the best driving instructor in the area (he has a well above average pass rate!!).

Call today to find out more 07751227810 or text your name for a call back.

A little about 'Drive Like a Rock Star"...

Drive Like a Rockstar is a Amber Valley based business that launched in 2012. It offers driving lessons to all and has had well over 100 driving test passes to date since its owner, Andy Pearson qualified as a driving instructor.

Andy offers driving lessons to anyone but feels his talents are put better towards drivers who would not usually take driving lessons for their own personal reasons. He also offers 'refresher' courses called the "50 Shades of Bay (Parking)" which is designed to help people who have already passed but feel their confidence, anxiety or stress hinders them while on the road with todays busy traffic conditions.

If you'd like to know more about Drive Like a Rock Star, visit the Drive Like a Rock Star web site here.

*Please note: results can vary, we are all individual.

Hypnotherapy for driving test nerves?

Or already passed but anxiety creeps in when you have to park up?

Help is at hand for either or both in Heanor, Derby & surrounding areas.

I have teamed up with Drive Like a Rock Star's Andy Pearson to offer the best of both worlds in driving confidence.

We know that sometimes anxiety gets the better of us when the pressure is on, so you may be great, fantastic even when you are driving in your lessons and practice, but on test day, something changes, your heart rate goes up and confidence goes through the floor. Imagine, how it would change the way you perform during your test if you could change those nervous, anxious feelings into ones of excitement, calm or enjoyment? Would this increase your likelihood of passing? We think so :)

What about for parking up at the roadside, reversing into a roadside space or in a car park?  would changing your feelings at that moment make a difference? Leaving you free to park where you like, confidently?*